Oh so wonderful H2O

We thought we could offer some inspiration on how to spice up good old H2O. Aside from giving our livers a break it is recommended by the British Medical Journal that our daily intake should be between 1.6 to 2.0 litres.

Here are a few of our favourite bright and delicious flavoured water recipes, tried and tested by our team.

Sparkling Elderflower

Elderflower cordial diluted to taste with sparkling water, crushed ice and mint leaves

ST Clements

Slice up lemons, oranges & blood oranges. Add to a jug of water over ice; we added a few fresh mint leaves for additional colour.

Pomegranate, Ginger and Lime

We cheated and used pre-seeded pomegranates (fresh is preferred!), finely grated ginger and 1 lime. Add to a jug with ice and water.

Cucumber, Apple and Mint

Finely slice 1 apple (we used red to add a different colour), speed peel strips of cucumber and add to a jug of water over ice. Add lots of fresh mint for flavour.

We are trying to practice what we preach at Lemon Zest but rest assured once we get the go ahead to re-open our kitchens the only thing we will have in hand to celebrate will be a glass of finest Champagne!