“that’s a wrap”, a day in the life of Lemon Zest completed

Our good friends at Oskie creative recently made us an offer we could not refuse. To film some promotional material for Lemon Zest. Jim the Director (in both senses of the word) needed some new footage to showcase on his website and suggested that LZ was just the vibrant company he was looking for. With a compliment like that in his opening gambit, we were on board.

So at 9am this morning our tasting room was transformed into a makeshift studio and the girls fussed over which was their best side for the impending interviews. We decided on an informal feeling to proceedings and chose not to pre-read the questions to give a more honest and less contrived response.

Then onto the kitchen to capture some footage of the chefs at work. Both Adrian and Nick seemed to be naturals at TV work, managing to give a running commentary whilst ploughing through their daily prep list. For once the guys fought over who would prepare the staff lunch so they could show off to the camera with their flaming fajita prowess.

Post lunch the weather had cheered up and filming moved outside in order to gain footage of the company vehicles and capture our branding. Amy became our very own stunt driver manoeuvring the vans so that action shots could be included in the video.

As I write this it is now close to 5pm and the cameras and microphones are being packed away into their custom made padded bags. So finally as they say in the industry “that’s a wrap”, a day in the life of Lemon Zest completed. As I thank Jim for his time I ask him did he get everything he needed, “yep, that should give us a nice 4 to 5 minute piece” Wow! 8 hours of footage to produce 5 mins of edited material. As I ponder this, I realise that it’s not too dissimilar to event planning. All the behind the scenes preparation, especially with weddings that evolve over many months, over in a matter of hours. So just as the Bride and Groom have their photo album to remind them of the hours that flew by, we will have our little show reel.

We cannot wait to see the final cut and will be sure to share it with you on our Lemon Zest YouTube channel.